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Free 30 Day Core Challenge : Flip Flops & Belly Flops

Have you felt the PANIC in the air? The aspiration panic has not been about COVID droplets as you would think, but I've read thread upon dread of women being "SEEN" after a year of lockdown has swept conversations across the world.

Have any of you witnessed this? The overwhelming worry of how we might be "seen" going back to the office or heading to the beach in our B -shirts this year?

Let me start by saying the STRESS from this past year is real, the 180 of our lifestyle has thrown us all for a loop, but guess what...

YOU ARE STILL YOU! The same amazing YOU that you were pre pandemic and maybe even better now with redefined priorities.

You might be feeling

  • Trapped in your house

  • Lax on your health habits

  • Stagnant in a way you can't put your finger on

  • A little Lost

  • Overwhelmed with excitement maybe at your new future

  • Maybe A little snug in your clothes at the moment...

but remember your worth is not attached to your performance or how you feel even.

That being said Covid can't be our excuse to accept our season of transition as permanent even if it is a version of a "New Normal". If it is not your IDEAL version of your NEW NORMAL within our new world, you can find a way to revise it. If you feel frustrated with that, I'm happy to strategize with you, because I know you can.

I'm not talking like this because it's my business, but because I am witnessing an overwhelming thread of women who have not only gained 15 -50lbs through this tough time but more importantly are just feeling BLAH without a clear definition of what BLAH even means. Also, they have already studied the physical , behavioral and emotional changes that swept the nation. You can read about it here. I'll give you a hint. It's not good.

One way to get out of that funk whether it's to feel more confident in your wardrobe or just to feel the DNA of YOU running through your veins again, movement is a great jumpstart.

2021 You Boss Experience : Fit. Naked.Truth edition starts just after Mothers Day, but I'm finding that you might want to start right now.

If that is you, I've got a 100% free DIY core program for you. Some of us are starting Monday, but you can begin when you are ready. If you want to join in the fun simply reply to this message and I will get you the program link.

This core program is a great place to start and Health Strategy call with me is a great place to continue. I'd love to chat.

Keep your eye on social for free classes coming up for additional free fun.

Before I go, I mentioned last time around that I was rebranding and this is what I settled on. A little spin off of my Grit & Moxie podcast. Thanks for all of your feedback.

Grit & Moxie Wellness by Christine De Souza

My website got a facelift too! Let me know how you like it.

If you'd like to get your tail moving with 30 different core routines reach out directly :


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