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Watch Video Testimonials

Watch Video Testimonials


“I can honestly say Christine has transformed my body and more importantly the way I think about my health.” 

— Angela

“My wife surprised me with a massage from Christine for my birthday.  Unlike most spa’s where you have to drive there, Christine came to our house with a massage table.   She was prompt and very professional.   I also requested help with stretching my limbs and she was able to accommodate.    With her background in training agility/exercise, I could tell she knew how to properly stretch the body.

Christine’s massage was much better than the more local/common spas I’ve been too.  She was able to repair my knots without any pain or discomfort.  I must admit too, the massage and stretch was the best “spa combination” I’ve ever had. Which makes her an even better personal training asset.


I would recommend Christine for her massages."

Joseph T

"I had the pleasure to train with Christine for almost four years. She is

professional and knowledgeable, and more importantly, her ability to motivate
and push limits is unsurpassed. She is extremely versatile and uses unique
training methods to quickly meet fitness needs and objectives, including spin,
TRX, undulation ropes and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Christine
ensures your body never gets accustomed by constantly adjusting workout routines - both exercises and intensity. "


"I'd highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level."


"Over the past few years, Christine  has coached me as a fitness guide. She is great at tailoring advice to people's individual needs.  She is able to give advice on technique for all exercises. Christine has a very supportive attitude, making fitness goals seem attainable. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Christine."


"Christine also offers a virtual spin class. I have taken her class and I find it is a great way to enjoy the benefits of spin class without the commute to a central gym."

Wendy Spelman

"You are a GREAT trainer and I had so much fun with you….I never thought I’d say that about going to the gym but I really did!!  Some days the only reason I went was because I had an appointment with you.  "


"Christine is great to work with.  She understands the demands of my daily life and helps me plan for success.  She goes above and beyond – always prepared for our sessions, has actionable suggestions and is encouraging.  I would recommend working with Christine to anyone looking to make a commitment to healthy living.

Abigail Furey

" I used to go to the gym on my own for a month or two then get bored and quit so I recently decided to work with a personal trainer hoping that it would get me in the gym on a more consistent basis.  I ended up signing up for small group personal training sessions with Christine and it was a great choice.  She was constantly changing the workouts so it didn’t get boring and I looked forward to going to our sessions.  She did a great job of designing workouts that were challenging but not so tough that I was sore for a week after.  Her energy and attitude made it fun to go the gym and for the first time in years I’m consistently working out a few times a week and plan to continue."


"I have been working out steadily for the last 40 plus years and have been exposed to many different forms of exercise and exercise teachers.  Approximately a year ago, I had the great good fortune to begin taking classes offered by Christine.  I am consistently astounded by the breadth of her knowledge and versatility.  From kickboxing to tap, Christine does it all.  Her fusion class is unlike any class I have ever taken.  She is able to work the body in a way that uses maximum effort, without adding undue stress.  She works muscles in new and unusual ways. It may be her extensive dance background that gives her such body awareness.  I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my balance, which I attribute to Christine’s emphasis on core strength.  In all ways Christine is a remarkable instructor, and on top of that she is a joy to be around!

Pat O'Brien

"I've tried a lot of diets in the past and completing the YOU Module was the first time I had  been challenged to really discover what was going on in my head and heart before trying to make sustainable changes to my health. I think to get the most out of it, you really have to be willing to be honest with yourself and be willing to receive feedback from those closest to youboth of which were difficult for me. After completing the YOU Module, not only was I   motivated to begin the 12 Weeks 2 Boss Program, but my perspective on why I want to make changes to my lifestyle is much more positive and tangible. I've defined the 'why', now I just  have to make it happen!"


"Christine is not only a knowledgeable, experienced trainer, she's also a delightful person who is top-notch at encouraging and supporting her clients. I've been able to stick to regular workouts for two years thanks to her, and I'm stronger and more confident as a result. She constantly switches things up to avoid boredom and to adjust to my energy level and needs for the day. I would highly recommend Christine's services if you're looking for something extra in your exercise routine!"

Beth Fuller

" I've been fortunate to work with Christine as my personal trainer and I was very pleased with the results! She always keeps things interesting and challenging by switching up the workouts from week to week. I especially appreciate her ability to adjust the workouts when I would come in with one injury or another. Christine introduced me to MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits and it's been an eye-opener. I finally understand the importance of paying attention to what you eat along with a regular exercise plan. It's been a very successful combination for me. Thank you, Christine!



"During the "You Boss" Experience my non scale victories include strength, better digestion, clearer skin, more energy, spiritual growth, confidence, less mood swings, clearer thinking, less painful PMS, deeper awareness to food sensitivities, less inflammation, less joint pain & a more grateful heart .I've now reached my goal weight , thanks to Christine , her amazing knowledge & encouragement through the "You Boss" Expereience"

Jenna Langenbach

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