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Empowering Women with Our
Custom Wellness Events

Book your ladies experience with us!

We deliver custom  interactive wellness events to remember.  We tailor to your groups unique wellness interests and celebration. Want to make it a regular thing or something bigger like a retreat?

We can do that too!

Let's explore!

Friends Taking Selfie

Baby Making Makeover - Exploring Pre, Post & Post Postpartum Preparation & Recovery. 


Live Free & Fabulous - How to reframe your perspective on Exercise, Nutrition & Stress for fitness freedom. 


Meal prep De-coded - Unconventional Meal Prep Strategies for weight-loss & autoimmune disorders. 


Flowing Forward - Healing through creative expression & art therapy - Live acoustic performance


Glow & Flow - All level Pilates Core & Release Class complete with self facial lymphatic drainage techniques and collagen Elixer tasting.  Beauty techniques that come from the inside out.


Diet Ditch -   Ditch diet culture and embrace your forever journey for longevity.  Breaking down the changes in your approach to fitness through progressive stages of life.  

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