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Blessing and Curse of the Hourglass Figure

Classic Hour glass figure…who comes to mind yesterday and today?

Yesterdays Jessica Rabbit Marilyn Monroe Linda carter as Wonder Woman

Today’s Scarlet Jo hanison Sel mahiac J lo

The ever sought after full bust little waist, voluptuous hips and shapely legs that has our plastic surgeons very busy these days. I want to talk about the blessing and the curse of the hour-glass figure, if you have got it all natural you will be able to relate. I love having curves almost as much as my husband loves me having them, but it comes with an ever winding dynamic that typically does not get talked about when it comes to watching your figure. The fact is the "blessing" of having an hour-glass shape means you can drift into the realm of obesity easily with out devastation to your physique. Great, you say? Not so fast. Yes there is a point where your hour-glass figure will deform, but the threshold is pretty forgiving. You naturally gain weight in all the right places. I’d say an in shape athletic hourglass can comfortably fluctuate 5 to 15 or even 20 lbs and still maintain a confidant stance in her best dress. The curse is just that! It’s so easy to creep up pound by pound over time. Your mom will notice for sure and maybe some of your friends. If your husband is smart he won’t notice at all ; ) . The point is you may not have a clue. Sometimes even if you do have a clue, or a mother who has filled you in about it, you still might not be that motivated to do something about it. Why? Well because your still looking pretty good even though your body fat percentage has risen to a not so healthy state.

Whether you deem this a blessing or a curse or a little of both it is critical to be of a healthy mindset regarding your figure and quite honestly be attentive to it regularly. The best way to do this without being an extremist or complicating things, is to focus on running your whole body at its optimum potential. Here are just a few example thoughts to focus on to get you started.

Try to keep the mindset every day meditating on the following

I need to oxygenate my blood

I need to maintain bone density

I need my digestion to be regular

I need to keep my respiratory system conditioned

Etc… Which means things like getting your heart pumping, including weight-bearing exercise to your routine and eating a clean fibrous diet to name a few. When you focus on these things suddenly you are not focused on just fat loss, but treating your body the best you can for optimal life performance all the while keeping your tight hourglass figure as a bonus.

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself ”

I suggest keeping a periodical diary of simple things like your weight, measurements, body fat %, your mood, energy level and a record of where you are at with a few of your workout benchmarks. If you are feeling fun, maybe even include a photo diary of your self in your favorite dress showing off your hour-glass with confidence.

I have prepared a complimentary Hourglass Tight Watch worksheet for your convenience. Print this baby out and fill one out once a month, seasonally or as often as need be and pop it in a binder for safe keeping.

Find your worksheet tutorial here


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