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Day 2 of Merry Motivation

This time of year we always seem to get caught up with the fear of the holiday bulge. Why is that? Truthfully, because the average American gains 6 lbs. over the holiday stretch. We almost expect it and than accept it. I want to remind you that you really do have another option. Simply being intentional about your food intake on a daily basis will make all the difference this season. So often we just use the excuse of the holiday season to indulge. That doesn't fly when it comes to the scale or your health. Consider keeping your day to day meals the same as they are now or even cleaner and don't stop moving!

Here is one simple reality that can help you keep things in check this holiday season and beyond. 1 pound of fat is eqaul to 3500 calories.

While weight loss is not usually as simple as a math equation it does shed light on how easy it is to gain 1 lb. of fat. Here is the deal. You will hear people trashing this calorie rule over and over saying it doesn't matter as long as you don't eat junk food. Don't believe it. Whether it's an oversized handful of nuts, a whole avacado or a bowl of Hagendas. The nutrient content will be different, but the calories will still contribute to excess if the energy is not utilized by your body. Calories are units of energy. Unfortunately in this case it is not use it or lose it, it's use it or keep it. Here is an example of how an innocent mixed menu evening can contribute to the holiday bulge.

Before reading on I want to express that I am not writing this to discourage you or to tell you something you already know ,but to make the reality crystal clear and to keep it in the forefront of your mind. It's only because I love you and I know it can change how your season fits. Indulge with me in this delicous hypothetical.

It's a lunch/dinner date with friends/coworkers or some hottie.

You are hungry, but you know you are about to hit the restaurant that has your favorite dish, so you grab a handful or two of Nuts as you head on your way to hold you over. There is a wait for a table so you grab a glass of wine at the bar in the meantime. You are finally seated 35 minutes later. Sure, you'd like another glass of wine. The table orders an appetizer, but really only two of you eat Calamari. Who knew? Can't let it go to waste. Your order a nice healthy Salmon dinner. Yum. You are full aren't you? Yes, but you will get a slice of pumpkin cheesecake anyway. You'll only have a few bites now and take the rest. Turns out Your friends are coming to meet you. They said they would be getting there soon, but you know how that goes. Waiter, just one last glass of wine. You had a great time....really great. Agh, you are finally home relaxing and then you remember that pumpkin cheesecake you have left over. Well, might as well. : ) Tomorrow is a new day...or is it?

The reason I used this example is to show you just how easy those calories can rack up in even just one meal if you are not careful. We all know this already, it's just a good time of year to keep it at the forefront of our mind and try to make more careful choices. It's not easy all the time, but it can be done.

Here are a few tips to help keep you on track for your night out.

1. Eat half Take half Food is absolutely delicious, so try to take a portion home for the next day or you can even freeze your leftovers for another special day. Most meals keep extremely well i the freezer.

2. Know before you go. If you know what restaurant you are heading to you can find most nutrition content on the establishments website or on

3. Going to someones home? Offer to bring a dish you know you can feel good about eating to fill you up, and taste test the rest.


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