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Go Fool Yourself!$"#%

I don't know about you, but I love my elastic waist pants! Along with the comfort of the all decieving elastic band comes all sorts of misconceptions that mess with our psyche ... or do they?

Here are a few scenarios. I will be interested to hear your take on these. Let's start with a personal favorite.

-True or false of wearing fitted Yoga pants.

If I put these on in the morning it ensures that I will work out that day.

What do you think ladies and gents? Well, do you? Are you more likely? Or are you just fooling yourself?

-True or false of wearing oversized sweat pants

If I put these on in the morning or anytime, I will feel skinny because they feel like they are falling down. I like that feeling so I won't eat as much.

Insert your thoughts here. Your mind will play tricks on you and that is where you need discernment. I'm not going to lie, I started this blog some time ago and it's been sitting in Wordpress for a while. I finally felt as if I just had to finish the post today. Why? Here is my confession. I have just arrived home from a week long trip where I feel grose and bloated and consciously decided to put on my oversized pants. I can't entertain the thought of having anything touching my skin so tightly and reminding me of how not great I feel. I did not want to enter into the battle of the judge mental inner monologue. Today I need my fat pants on so I can get up tomorrow and say I have rested and I am ready to conquer the world again in my skinny pants. I do not however believe it alters my eating habits for the day. This may be different for you and is something for you to evaluate.

Does this psyche work or does it perpetuate a disfunctional ongoing relationship with the elastic band that leaves you in a world where it is easy to deny or not be aware of your personal fluctuations? I think the danger or success comes in daily engagement of certain thoughts and actions and should be monitored. Think about it. Agh, interesting question for us when we see this becoming a habit.

These are sort of funny and then again sort of not. They bring up the very elusive topic of psychology in weight management. What are healthy mind tricks and what are dangerous ones?

Last scenario to ponder for today.

-True or false of wearing Spanx

If I wear Spanx, my stomach muscles will respond as if I am in a Pilates class the entire day resulting in increased core stabilization and long lean muscles.

Well, tell the truth, do you think you retrain your muscles and Spanx serve as a reminder to tighten that core or just compress your organs and create gasses that will later have you curled up in a ball?

Tell me what you think. My goal here is not to answer all of these questions for you, but to get you to pay attention to the tricks you may be playing yourself with in your mind. I've heard so many wonky scenarios in the past, but the majority of the time these private conversations of he mind are not verbalized. They sound crazy and for some people they work and for others they create ongoing excuses and barriers to healthy weight monitoring. Let me just say something before you get onto your soapbox that weight shouldn't matter.

Your weight does not determine your value, but it does affect your health therefore, it does matter because you are of value.

What are the conversations you are having with yourself? Are they truly healthy and helpful or are you just FOOLING yourself? Or should you be FOOLING yourself a little more?

I want to hear from you now. Expose your inner monologue and share your findings with us.

Photo credit: Harem Sweatpants

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