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WellSquad...Bringing You Closer to the Workout Partner of Your Dreams!

Have you ever had the thought,

"I would work out more if I had someone to workout with." ?

How about this scenario...You wake up with just enough time to go for a run like you planned, but you just stay snuggled in bed. Your blankets held you down and you had no choice but to surrender?

Sound familiar? Maybe not , maybe you are the type of person who prefers to go it alone and would rather be so stealth that you would have to see no one and no one would stand a chance at seeing you. Besides we should all be self motivated shouldn't we? Right. We all know how that goes. Even the most motivated of workout buffs or health professionals grow weary from time to time, just get stuck at a plateau or are just want someone else to tell them what to do for a change.

Coming this summer is the solution for us all. WellSquad. I am just finishing up a pilot run as a WellSquad leader and so far there are so many reasons why I love this brilliant concept.

Before I share a few of the reasons I love love love this concept how about I let you in on the what WellSquad is unleashing. The main mission of WellSquad is to help you find your perfect fitness partner for free or connect you to fitness and nutrition professionals for hire all in effort to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Everyone knows accountability is one of the strongest factors of success in attaining our goals.

What I love about WellSquad is that finding your perfect match is free !!!! Seriously... free can be amazing. There is a stigma that free can devalue a product or service, but the truth is not everyone can afford their own trainer, but could use the push of a partner or heck an entire squad of people. Free is a gift.

I also love that if you want a little more personal attention and want to meet specific goals there is a core group of health professionals for hire waiting to help you or your team climb that mountain, lose that weight, prepare for that completion, lower that cholesterol, manage that food sensitivity or simply stay active. Your will is the limit.

One of the most surprising things I have found working as a virtual trainer with WellSquad is this. The results are as good or even surpass that of stand alone personal training. Here is why I think that is. Rather than getting isolated coaching one to three times per week you are mentored lightly throughout the entire week which makes a huge difference in success rates. Your program is heavily tailored to your personal schedule which makes you more likely to stick with it. Lastly, instead of being assigned to that someone or squad, you are matched based in exactly what you are looking for setting you all up for success from the start.

I personally can't wait for WellSquad to launch so I can find my Squad! June can't come soon enough! See you there!

For more details and to sign up for early access visit


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