"I've tried a lot of diets in the past and completing the YOU Module was the first time I had been challenged to really discover what was going on in my head and heart before trying to make sustainable changes to my health. I think to get the most out of it, you really have to be willing to be honest with yourself and be willing to receive feedback from those closest to you--both of which were difficult for me. After completing the YOU Module, not only was I motivated to begin the 12 Weeks 2 Boss Program, but my perspective on why I want to make changes to my lifestyle is much more positive and tangible. I've defined the 'why', now I just have to make it happen!"

-Alicia Neal

Truth Transformation Prerequisite

  • Get past the BS that has been stopping you from the WELLTHY life all these years

  • Uncover your own personal secrets and truths that will get you healthy now and forever

  • Revive your identity & your worth through vital /creative expression

  • Realizing the virtue of Choice


The "You" module can be experienced in 3 dynamic ways.  You can choose to embark by joining a group, journey DiY style or through one on one coaching sessions.

LOVE  "YOU" Group Workshops

Want to experience "You" in a group? Consider hosting a 1/2 day workshop or attending our open sessions. This can be as intimate as in your home with a group of 3 or more or as formal as a place of business.  One thing is for sure, this experience will rock your soul and is my favorite way to share such an impactful message.  The energy flows and the elements hit home as you walk away refreshed and more connected to you, your group and your purpose.  You walk away more ready than ever to achieve the you that has been waiting to rise up for a long time.  Contact me to host an event or Keep an eye on my calendar where I will post open workshops for you to join.  

DiY E-Book


Keep it simple.  You know yourself.  How are you going to get the absolute most out of a workbook that asks you to ask yourself the hard questions.  Is doing this solo the best way for you?  Be honest.  Don't choose this option because you rather simply internalize and hide away without ever really having to take action, but do choose this option if you are sure you can hold yourself accountable to take action on what your heart of hearts reveals.  If you are motivated and autonomous this will swap your running shoes for a cape and get you to your goals even more swiftly.

1 on 1 Coaching

Here you get a dose of De Souza for as long as it takes.  In choosing the one on one option you get my dedicated attention.  We go through the workbook together during weekly sessions in person or virtually.  Time slots for one on one Wellthy Lifestyle coaching have limited availability. 


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