It's Not What You Know, It's What You Do

The proof of what your real core values is evident by the choices you make and the way you live your life.  I know that can be a challenge sometimes, but I am here to help you get congruent with the way you want and know to do and what you actually live out in your every day example of leadership.  

You Boss Experience

Not sure which program is right for you?  Let me simplify it.  THIS ONE IS!  You will get the best results by signing up for the complete "You Boss" Group experience.  Not only will you get both programs together, but the You Module will equip you with self cultivated intrinsic motivation for completing the12 Weeks Boss portion of the program with greater success.  This option gives you group accountability and weekly group coaching and accountability from yours truly.  Quite frankly, the connection that grows in these groups are so impactful that you will likely carry the lessons and sisterhood well beyond the programs end. 

"Say Yes to the Forever You"

It's not enough to continue to yo yo and repeat the same historic trends and habits you have made for yourself.  If you truly want to make progress toward your goals you need to do something different in order to get different results and you need to do it with kindness, otherwise, like any dysfuntional will never last.

Virtual Nutrition, Mindset & Fitness Coaching

Are you looking for custom tailored healthy lifestyle coaching ?   Christine helps busy, tired women create an energized healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, faith and purpose.  Yes your workouts will be designed by Christine specifically for your goals and your body.  Your nutrition coaching will guide you through your food sensitivities, emotional eating and energy gaps to fuel the brain, body and inner foodie.  Gain confidence in and out of the gym, be held accountable and finally get the breakthroughs that matter and results that last.  All levels.


Includes: 1 Coaching Call/month, 1 Months workout Prescription including 3 tailored workouts, Weekly Accountability, Email Access &  Nutritional Advising.  


*Weekly 1 on 1 coaching available upon request. : Limited Availability.


You are Unique!

Do you need a little more one on one specialized program design to meet you exactly where you are physically, mentally and emotionally ?  Where ever you begin you will be perfectly poised to simply begin.

Custom Workshops

Are you looking for an experience for your gang of gal friends or company team building event?  Combine the best of all worlds by bringing in something educational, entertaining, interactive and fun to inspire a healthy energized community.  Let's collaborate and create something truly authentic for the heartbeat of your group. 

You are Stronger Than You Believe Yourself to Be!

This is something no one can convince you have to prove it to yourself, for yourself and by yourself.  We are here to support you, but no one can do this but you! 

Clean Cut Core

Get your Abs Ready for summer, your next vacation, back post baby or just in the best possible working condition in order to support your active lifestyle.  Here you get a steal!  An absolute Steal!  30 unique workouts DIY style for only $30.  This program strengthens your back, shoulder girdle, abdominals, pelvic floor and more.  1 workout per day for 30 days! Optional active rest days included.  Create a new habit of consistency. *Gym access optimal

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