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Some people dream of the WELLTHY life. We make it happen with


Feel your best while you walk down the catwalk called life.

Wellthy Living specializes in custom makeover packages offering makeup application for weddings, photoshoots, stageshows, parties or day to day wear.  We offer complimentary make up makeover demonstrations for your group or low cost personal sessions.

     Learn tips on application, find your colors and get your foundation custom matched to your exact skin tone. Have your own makeover party...  for bridal/bachelorette parties, performance artists, teams,  friends and anyone who is looking for their expressive edge for the season.  Photoshoots included upon request.Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.




Reach toward wellness  through Massage Therapy, Fitness Training and Balanced Nutrition.


Relax your mind and your body through our customized massage.  Benefits include  increased circulation, flexibility, range of motion, reduces your stress level, improves postural alignment, experience renewed focus, sooth your aching muscles and feel more energized.

Swedish     Deep Tissue     Sports Massage     Pregnancy

Fitness Training

Learn how to control and shape your body into the long lean machine that is waiting to be revealed.  Learn the mechanics of  how to  safely and effectively train your body systems to  work synergistically through customized workouts and stretch routines that will infact lead you to reach your full physical fitness potential.  Don’t just consider personal training to tone your outward appearance, but as a tool to tune your internal balance as well as to improve your  functional day to day activities. Lift up your kids, jump puddles or carry your groceries.

Personal Training     Pilates Reformer Training

Nutrition & Supplementation

We put your nutrition needs in prespective. Our programs are managable  for your lifestyle.  We will teach you to implement practical solutions to your helth challenges.  Wether you are trying to lose weight or just make sure you have the right balance of nutrients to keep the luster in your life know that the perfect balance is attainable.

Transitions Weight Management     DNA Screening Analysis.James Consulting is a different type of consulting service. We have some of the best industry experts

and offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools.




Have you discovered your vital creative expression? 


Here at Wellthy Living we believe that there is more to balancing life than just diet and exercise.  There is another component...another big component that we often forget about.  Our emotions and how we express ourselves.  There is a part of every human that has a need to be heard, be seen and maybe even understood by someone else.   Maybe that is why facebook and reality television is so popular in our culture.  

     How do we do it?  Well within our vital expressions programming we introduce creative ways to do so.  Ways that maybe you have never tried before...finding talents and expressions that you may have never even known that you Posess!  You don't have to be good at something in order to recieve healing benefits of creative expression.  Have you ever considered that infact it may just be the gift of living the experience?We at JamesConsulting are expert strategists,

helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.

We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most effective boost to their business. We aim to find the quickest route to success.


“I love having one specialist advising me on all of the different areas, rather than having to go to work on each component of health and wellness seperately.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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