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Your first week will be the most challenging, but it will be much much simpler in the weeks following if you begin like this.  This first 7 days can be done in the order it is shown if you are not new to managing your food intake, or if you are more of a beginner you can begin from day 7 moving toward day 1.  We will be going through this first week as a cleanse of the pallet, blood and digestive system.   This will help  cleanse your body from harmful toxins and start to prepare your body for the healthy transition.  This is a gentle cleanse.  Don’t expect to be stuck on the toilet.  The body is much wiser than we know and can naturally cleanse itself as we stop polluting it.  Join us on Pinterest and my fitness pal for meal ideas.
Day 1 -  Liquid Fast & Spiritual Fast
  • Natural Whey Protein Isolate or Hemp Protein
  • Natural fresh pressed Juice
  • Blended Fruit/Veggie Smoothie  &  Soups
  • Water
  • Tea
Day 2 – 4 Fruit & Vegetables
  • Fresh Raw Fruit Vegetables
  • Some Cooked Fruit & Vegetables
  • Natural Whey Protein Isolate or Hemp Protein
  • Natural fresh pressed Juice
  • Blended Fruit/Veggie Smoothie  &  Soups
  • Juice, Water, Tea
Day 5- 7 Fruits, Vegetables & Clean Protein
  • Fresh Raw Fruit Vegetables
  • Some Cooked Fruit & Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Chicken Breast, Turkey, Breast, Fish
  • Nuts/Seeds, Nut Butters
  • Juice, Water, Tea, Soups


This week as we cleanse and nourish our bodies, we also cleanse and prepare our mind.  This week I would like you to simply  write down the things that you need to get rid  of  in your life and why.  Do you need to forgive someone.  Get rid of negative self banter?  As you cleanse your body and your heart this week you will start to feel lighter.  Historically speaking, fasting and cleansing is not only for your body and your mind, but in many spiritual practices a way to  spiritually break strong holds,  seek  direction and clarity & even cultivate stronger bond to their God.   Personally speaking here has not been a major shift in my life without it.   God still speaks & God still moves beyond comprehension.   Set your focus and spend this week enthralled in seeking and listening.  Seek and ask for the breakthrough you need.  Petition your faith. This is going to be something that we will do weekly in conjunction with other assignments.  This week be still and sit with it and establish your peace and establish your unstoppable passion and commitment.  Start to believe that you deserve this change and that you are fully capable even more so through this practice in Faith.  

“Focusing is about saying No.”
― Steve Jobs


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1 King James Version (KJV)

"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary,.  To one without faith, no explanation is possible."

--Thomas Aquinas


Push out those toxins!!!  This week is all about pushing out what needs to go from your body!  In this case it is all of those toxins that have been storing up in your body!  This week will be a very light week in terms of working out, however it will be very effective for this weeks goal.  There will be lots of sweating, but even more stretching and foam rolling.  If you can, I highly suggest you geet yourself a full body massage!  Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush all of that nasty out, otherwise it will all just redeposit right back into your body.  Don't waste your time by not drinking up!  8 - 10 glasses / day.  Are you ready?  Download your first week of fitness below.   

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