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You are getting married!  I am so excited  to work with you.  Please send us an  email to introduce your self, so we can chat more about how you can be a part of our next session.  This life changing program session  
begins March/April 2014

Shake it down to the Details


Your getting married!

Sooner than you think!

Are you ready for the other ring?

Are you ready for your new life as Mrs. Sexy, Soulful & Satisfied?

     Are you getting down to the wire and don't exactly have it all together yet?  Don't stress...your not the only one.  The last few months before the wedding day the majority of brides are sweating it out, and I don't mean at the gym or in a sauna.  12 weeks before the wedding is typically when bridezilla rears her head in full force.  ​ I don't think the word stress really captures the emotions that consume a bride at this point. Your to do list is never ending, your schedule is tight, you are eating like a piggy or even worse not at all, you may be getting ready to move, you happen to be making the biggest commitment of your life, and well, we will leave your bridal party out of this for now. There is usually so much going on that you can hardly think straight and you probably feel like time is slipping through your hands like sands of the hourglass through your fingers.   You probably don't have that sexy, soulful or satisfied feeling.  More like stressed, swollen & maybe even scared.

Not sure exactly how your feeling?  Watch this short video.  If you can relate to Natalie, you'll have your answer.

You are getting married, Your life is about to do a 360.  Sleepovers are a thing of the past…your time is not your own and if you don’t have “the wellthy life” now before you get married, there is a good chance that you will put it off forever.

Let me just say that our meeting is not a coincidence, but  rather a divine appointment.

Don' t believe me?  It's ok I'm a skeptic too.  Haven't you been saying for the last few days, months, or even years, you are going to start  keeping promises to yourself?

I  have a few questions for you to consider.  You don't have to answer out loud to anyone, so be honest. Only you know the truth. 

  • Do you fit into your favorite jeans or your wedding dress?
  • Do you feel beautiful, attractive or sexy everyday? (yes, they are different)
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you spend 100% of your free time with your fiancé?
  • Do you eat out more than 2 meals a week?
  • Do you worry about cooking healthy for your man or yourself for the next 80 years?
  • Do you get 8 hours of sleep per night?​
  • Do you have a hobby?
  • Are your muscles tight, I mean ouch tight not sexy tight?
  • Do you know what your designer life looks like?
  • Do you sigh, grunt or moan often?

To a limited number of brides I am offering 12 weeks of Wellthy Living Coaching that will get you in shape, loving yourself, stress free & feeling like a million bucks for your new life as Mrs. sexy, soulful & satisfied.

I am offering what every bride wants...what every woman needs.



Program Details

  • SSS orientation planning & goal setting session
  • Unlimited email access to me your coach
  • Bi-weekly therapeutic massage  in your home
    (subject to location, cost will be adjusted) 
  • 1 personal training session live or virtual per week 
  • Full 12 week workout plan.
  • 4 Creative Cooking workshops (Live or virtual) 
  • 4 Personal Vital Expression Exploratories (Live or virtual) 
  • 1  15 minute strategic coaching call once per week


Your Maid of Honor gets to join you during your PT sessions, Creative Cooking Workshops & Vital Expression Exploritories for FREE.

Custom makeovers, bachelorette parties and photoshoots available upon request.

Schedule your free consultation at your convenience by clicking continue below.  

Think this program and real results are out of your reach?  Think again!  We have got ways....let's chat and make this a reality from anywhere you are in the world!

We are sorry this program is currently closed.  Please send us an email with Wellthy Bride Waitlist in the the title and we will  be in contact for our next program run time!
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