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12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Transformation for women who are ready for their next big breakthrough.

What if...

  • You could stop "dieting" and finally make a consistent healthy lifestyle a reality for you and yours...

  • You had a simple plan, clear direction and a higher understanding of how to feel fully alive, energized and present day to day...

  • You could heal your relationship with food and your body...

  • You could stop stress, overwhelm, holidays and special occasions from throwing your health into a derailing spiral...

  • You were able to walk into your closet and wear everything with confidence, ready to show up authentically YOU in your career, your home and in your heart...

Without the confusion, anxiety, doubt, loneliness or frustration.

Here's the Block

  • You think you have tried everything and none of it works.

  • You are so discouraged you think there is something wrong with YOU.  Your effort, energy, metabolism, hormones, your thyroid...just everything and on top of all that your pants are suffocating you. 

  • You are overwhelmed by social media and fad diets that you don't know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat or if you should eat at all. 

  • You are so busy with responsibilities that you put yourself last and feel guilty about it anyway.​  You are crying for SOMETHING to give, but just can't see the way out.  Deep down you know what you are doing now is not sustainable.

  • You don't have time for another thing in your life.

  • You have so many other bills that investing in yourself just seems selfish. just keep chugging along repeating history still holding onto the extra weight, lethargy, ill diagnosis and insecure feelings.


Have We Met?


HI, I'm Christine, the creator of the "YOU BOSS EXPERIENCE." I know how it feels to want to just feel good in your skin, but be paralyzed in the grocery store, stuck in front of the computer and have your days filled with everyone else's agenda.  Trying everything to be healthy, but still struggling with weight, confidence and my body feeling sick ALL THE TIME!

Over the years I've had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way.  I've struggled my way through the cyclic cravings, excessive weight gain, autoimmune disorder, Lyme's Disease x2, the pressures of being a woman in todays society and the contradictions of the industry even as a professional myself.  Even with knowing what to eat, how to exercise and even the diagnosis that was making it hard for my body to thrive, IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE for me to make this a consistent, enjoyable lifestyle for myself, not to mention it was holding me back from pursuing my dreams. Without the proven path to making this life long change autonomous it was just another diet, stealing my joy, my time, my present and my future.


 I decided to dig down...all the way down to discover the root of genuine health and prosperity for myself and my clients.  In my pursuit I found it.  I was able to heal my body from disease, lose almost 100lbs. of pregnancy weight twice, love my body at every stage and thrive as a Celiac all without feeling stressed, self conscious, overwhelmed or deprived.

With onlookers watching how my world turned, they asked me how I did it, so I decided to finally put together a program to share what has allowed me to lose 158lbs., heal and nourish my mind, body and soul for myself and lead others to do the same...which is my dream come true by the way. 


Who I Work With

I have experienced my program working best for

  • Women of any faith, race, ethnicity and age who are BUSY, working in corporate Americamomming or both who don't make excuses and are committed to implementing solutions that get results and continually grow.

  • Businesses looking to increase productivity, reduce stress, improve work life balance, cultivate a culture of personal development, raise employee retention and job satisfaction as well as cut health care costs.

  • Other health professionals that are interested in adding a program like this to their practice.

  • Faith based organizations that are ready to help their members improve their health, deepen their faith and break barriers that are holding them back from their purpose. 

What Sets Me Apart

  • I've been there.  There are a lot of skinny, in shape, personal trainers out there who haven't been where you are.  Those of us who have been through the stages of losing 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 50 , 60, 70, 86lbs. more than once are far and few. I've been there. I've dealt with the never ending doctors visits, the working through the discomfort of joint pain, gut issues, depression, brain fog and debilitating body pain. I 've been there. The fear that you might be literally dying.  I've been there.  The most fulfilling circus that comes with having a career and running a successful household.  I'm there now : )

  • I'll be there with you on your journey, holding you accountable, working through challenges and sharing with you the proven process of making the lifestyle you crave second nature. 

  • I'll give you the workout prescription and video demonstrations to easily understand the exercises.

  • I'll break down the lowdown on the simplest most effective way to fuel your body for fat loss, metabolic flexibility, longevity and a high octane life.  I will help you reset your metabolism and your mindset

  • I will help you discover and overcome your self limiting  barriers and help you to bring your health in alignment with your values.

  • I'll share the secret to what I believe is the missing ingredient in most other plans.

  • Ultimately I help you become  the boss of your health through food, faith and fitness.

How It Works

  • The first step is to get to know each other a little better through a short 1 on 1 phone call.  I want to fully understand your goals, your habits, roadblocks and how I can serve you best throughout the program. 

  • You will receive access to the "BOSS VAULT" of your course materials including 2 workbooks, planner templates, workout cheat sheets, grocery lists, recipes and more. 

  • Weekly you will join me and other program participants on a live group Zoom Call.  The call is always recorded for review between meetings and group encouragement and access to me is available within our private Facebook group.  If you think you need a little more 1 on 1 time with me the VIP or Exclusive option is for you.

  • In this program we lead with the foundations which are food, faith & focus and of course Fitness.  Weekly you will have short reading and reflection assignments among other fun activities to enrich your experience.

  • NEW!  You will be assigned rotating accountability partners to journey through the program with, create like minded friendships and focussed support. 

  • Upon completion of the program you will be invited to retreat together to a refreshing destination to celebrate and deepen what you have learned. 

What You Get

So Tell me...Do you want

More Energy

Less Stress

Permanent Weight Control

More Productivity


A Wardrobe that Fits

Strength & Tone

Less Aches & Pains


More Control Over Your Life

Transformation from the Inside Out

The x factor

A Step by Step Plan That Works



Self Development and

Something more than the average diet & exercise fad?

Take some time before you decide and ask yourself 3 times...

What would attaining these things change for me?


12 Weeks of Learning How to Make Healthy Eating, Fitness and Faith a Part of Your Every Day Life. 

What's Included in the Group Boss Experience

Limited Time Pricing
Beautiful Women

Group Entry

February 1, 2020

  • Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls 60-90 MIN recorded for replay

  • You Module Change Agent Workbook

  • Boss Workbook Download Including 36+ Modules & 12 Lesson Plans with assignments.

  • Success Planner Templates

  • 12 Week workout plan for home or the gym

  • Demonstrative Exercise Videos

  • Clean Eating Guide, Meal Plan Examples, Recipes & Shopping Guide

  • Private Facebook Community Access

  • Virtual Support & Motivation 



VIP Entry

February 1, 2020

  • 4 - 1 on 1 Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls 60-90 MIN recorded for replay

  • Unlimited Email Access

  • Weekly Email Accountability

  • You Module Change Agent Workbook

  • Boss Workbook Download Including 36+ Modules & 12 Lesson Plans with assignments.

  • Success Planner Templates

  • 12 Week workout plan for home or the gym

  • Demonstrative Exercise Videos

  • Clean Eating Guide, Meal Plan Examples, Recipes & Shopping Guide

  • Personalized allergen sensitive nutrition guidance

  • Personalized Supplement Prescription

  • Private Facebook Community Access

  • Virtual Support & Motivation 

Book Call

Woman Stretching

Exclusive Entry

February 1, 2020

  • 12 1- 1 on 1 Zoom Coaching Calls

  • Daily App Check In's

  • Unlimited Email/Text Access

  • You Module Change Agent Workbook

  • Boss Workbook Download Including 36+ Modules & 12 Lesson Plans with assignments.

  • Personalized Success Planner Template

  • 12 Week workout plan for home or the gym

  • Demonstrative Exercise Videos

  • Clean Eating Guide, Meal Plan Examples, Recipes & Shopping Guide

  • Personalized allergen sensitive nutrition guidance

  • Personalized Supplement Prescription

  • Virtual Support & Motivation 

  • Deep Discount on upcoming You Boss, "Honor Your Body" Destination Retreat

Book Call

*Due to the digital nature of this content we can not accommodate refunds for this purchase. 

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