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Today I am going to give you, bare bones, easy to understand, basics to cleaning up your fuel intake.  This all may be a little foreign to some of you at first, but when put into practice it does wonders for your overall health.  There is so much misinformation out there that it confuses us to the point of grocery store paralysis.  In life, it is usally much more practical to keep things simple and basic.  You don't need to be a nutritionist to understand what should and should not be going into your body.  Let's lay down the law on ourselves. Much of what you will read below will likely be familiar to some of you.  The bottom line is this.   If you want to see change you have to make change.  Below are the raw basics to get you started, but it is up to you to decide with what you choose to fuel yourself.  It is all blah blah blah until you decide to take action and to your surprise actually see results.  Consistency is key! Read on... 





Pure and Simple Guidelines for Cleaning Up Your Intake

Clean Eating Short Version: 

Hydrate  - No added sugars - Nothing artificial -  Balanced Meals of Every Color - Good Fats - Whole Grains - Lean Protein

I know your mad at me for saying that, but it is the truth, there is nothing left to say in my opinion.  I can't make you do this, you have to want it for yourself.  In all my years of training, that has always been true. I can't do it for you or any of my other clients. I believe in you!  I am here to help you make sense of things and cheer you on, so here we go.


Some of the best ways to accomplish this.


1.  Use the 5 ingredient rule when grocery shopping.
When you go to the grocery store commit to not purchasing anything with more than 5 ingredients on the label.  There may be a slight fluctuation here in number of ingredients, but absolutely do not buy anything that has an ingredient that is not natural, normal or edible.  In restaruant lingo we say 86 whenever we get a customized order. For example, if you didn't want any mayo on your sandwich we would say 86 mayo.  Here are a few things I would like you to 86 from your life.  86 the most harmful like GMO, MSG, artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, gums, polymer, artificial colors or flavors & added sugars.  This is a start, not at all a comprehensive list.  In order not to overwhelm you just stick to foods with real food ingredients. 



2.  Cook More at Home

Better than pre prepared is the DIY project that gives back!  It's funny, you never hear a restaurant or a food product bragging about how what you get will taste just like it is from a restaurant do you?  No we hear "homestyle cooking"  "Just like Grandmas".  In fact, they are not selling you home cooking or restarurant cooking at all.  They are selling you convenience.  Think about this now, what is the most addictive channel on television?  In my opinion it is the cooking channel.  Though we may sit there all day and watch it, each dish generally only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to prepare.  Cooking at home is realistic if you take the time to plan ahead.



3.  Allow Yourself to Indulge...Once in a While.

Decide ahead of time what and when you will allow yourself to eat dirty.  If you are doing this right, you will be enjoying everything you eat thoroughly, however there may be times where you might want to indulge in something a little naughty.  I personally try to keep it to 1 meal per week.  When you do induldge still try to keep it natural.  For example, if you would like to have some ice cream, compare the ingredient line.  Hagendas has real ingrededients and no checmicals vs. even other well known companies that claim to be creameries. psssst.  You read for yourself, it's nonsense.


4.  Be Present & Mindful When You Eat.

This is  a little something that first came to my awareness via  an audio cd by().  By eating and multitasking you may as well have not eaten.  Your body does not quite acknowledge the intake in the same way as if you are fully present. Ask yourself a few questions.  Am I full?  Am I eating just because it tastes good?  Am I feeling unnecessarily guilty for eating this?  Some great questions.


5.  Keep a Food Diary. 

Be a fly on my wall for a moment.


Some of my personal training clients: "I'm working out so hard and I can't seem to lose weight" 


Me:  Can I look at your food diary? 


Client: My dog ate it.  


I can not stress enough how big of an impact your food consumption has on your health.  You owe it to yourself.  Keep track, don't slack until you start seeing progress then you can take a break with the diary once you get a handle on your habits.  Here is  a link to my favorite online food diary if paper isn't your thing.



6.  Be Prepared for a Snack Attack

The struggle is real, there is temptation all around it seems when starting off on this journey.  I want to encourage you to stay prepared.  The more you are prepared, the higher success rate you will have I promise.  Make sure you bring your lunch or know where to order healthy alternatives. Always bring emergency snacks.





That's A Great Start!




Don't complicate it.








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