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Cyber Cycle Class



I'm excited to say that Cyber Cycle Class is  here.  Can't always make class time at your local spin center or maybe your tired of showing up just to find out that all the bikes in class are taken.  Maybe your a stay at home mom and have to sneak in your workout during the naptime of your little one.  Virtual Spin is the perfect solution.  New classes twice per week. Join us live at our scheduled time or take class on demand. Click the Shop button to read more and sign up for the class that we have all been waiting for. 


Spin Bikes

Need a spin bike for your home?  Don't panic, you have options.  There are bikes for every budget out there.  Here we have linked you to a great intermediate indoor spin bike.  This bike will be great for those of you who may want something a little higher quality than the starter bikes that can be found in your local Sports good store, but not quite as advanced as the Tour de France.    For a bike a little easier  on your budget check out the Pro Form at your local Sports Authority or even on Amazon.  If your looking for something a little higher end go ahead and shoot me an email and I'll be happy to chat with you about some other options.  If you are looking for something a little more fancy try the link below.

Motives Make up

Motives is the make up brand of choice for me.  Aside from it's high quality I  like it because it is Gluten Free and never tested on animals!  One of the main perks is that if you find a Motives Artist you can even have mineral powders, blushes, bronzers & liquid foundations specifically formulated to your exact skin tone and coverage preferences. 

The Wellthy Bride 12 Week Program

Are you or someone you know getting married?  This 12 week exclusive program is essential for brides of today's fast paced stressful life of convenience.  Assign a line of your wedding budget especially for this program or add it to your bridal registry.  Your new life as Sexy, Soulful & Satisfied is waiting!  Click the link below for more information and to sign up. Space is very limited. 


Home Training equipment

Ever wonder where trainers get their equipment?  Power Systems is one central location where you can find most everything you will need for spicing up your home workout or just getting your basics.  Some of my favorites are foam rollers,  a good old step or plyo box, a set of basic hand weights and a medicine ball.   My favorite space saver and travel efficient equipment is the TRX and a jump rope.  Shop away....the resources are endless!

Rubinos Gluten Free Traditions

I'm sorry, I can't leave this out.  I am so proud of my company Rubinos Gluten Free Traditions.   I am Italian and Celiac. That means I love to eat, but am intolerant of anything that is made with wheat, barley, rye and cross contaminated oats.  My solution...   I have developed this line of Italian bakery style cookies by converting  my Nanna's family recipes from gluten full to gluten free!  Of course you know I am a wellness freak, but I do believe in the occasional indulgence.  I also believe if you are going to indulge it should be made with the finest ingredients.  In my case I can't eat gluten, and the majority of gluten free products on the market are replacing gluten with gums and fillers that my body says NO to very loudly.  Rubinos is a gourmet line suitable for a fine gift or a family staple.  My hope is that Rubinos Traditions become a family tradition where loved ones sit around the table, talking and making memories over some delicious artisan treats made by us.   Order 1 box at a time or pre-order your cookies for the year through our cookie club.  Specialty orders for gifts, favors and events can be accomodated.

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